Neonatal Unit

Milton Keynes Hospital Charity is always here to help and support patients, their families and staff at Milton Keynes University Hospital.

Thanks to you, we’ve raised thousands of pounds for the neonatal unit at the hospital, whether that’s to provide life-saving equipment for babies or comfort items and support for parents. We’ve even funded specialist training for our staff, to make local neonatal care even better.

Right now, we’re focussed on raising funds for some very special incubators to benefit babies born too early, too small or very ill.

A BabyLeo for our tiniest patients

We’re working on a very exciting project in 2020; raising funds for four very special “BabyLeo” incubators.

These incubators will greatly enhance the life chances of babies admitted to the neonatal unit – as well as making the experience for parents and staff much better too.

At present the neonatal unit has “NHS standard” incubators to help look after the 3,500 babies who are cared for each year. The BabyLeo is described as the “Rolls Royce” of incubators and offers the latest in neonatal technology.

“I love that the top of the incubator can lift right up! Normally we would have to access the baby through the portholes to prevent the baby getting cold. This incubator has a special ‘air curtain’ which is activated when the lid is up, keeping the baby warm. This is especially important in resuscitation scenarios or inserting central lines into the baby. Temperature control is extremely important in both preterm and sick term babies – the BabyLeo would mean we wouldn’t have to try and move the baby to another piece of equipment, so it’s very versatile”. 

Karen, Lead Nurse

It features inbuilt weighing scales (that are more accurate and mean the baby doesn’t need to be lifted out so much); a special heating system to maintain temperature at all times; special mechanisms allowing the baby’s bed to be pulled out for parents to touch and hold their infant; they can even be lowered for C-section mums, play music and allow personalisation of colour, too.

But each BabyLeo costs £25,000 and we really need your support to help little lives in and around Milton Keynes.

In total we need £100,000 to fund four of these amazing incubators – and we’re calling on the local community to help us in this mission, by either taking part in our Be Seen In Green campaign during October or making a donation.

Thank you for helping us make a difference.

For more information please contact us.